Blog Posts

I blog about smaller bits of work at libux.web.unc.edu, along with others in my department.
Notable posts there:


These are projects I’m particularly proud of:

UNC Libraries’ Catalog

Screenshot of the UNC Libraries' catalog, showing search results
Surveys, First-Click Testing, Observational Tests, Interviews, and Log Analysis.

UNC Libraries’ Intranet

screenshot of results from a task in a study. 94% of users were able to find procedures for a common task in their department.
Surveys, Interviews, Tree Testing

User Needs Assessments

Screenshot of a qualtrics card sort in progress
Surveys, Interviews, Card Sorts

Visualizing User Needs by User Types

Heatmap of user clicks on the UNC Libraries' Homepage, with over 70% clustered on the screen's main search box.
First-Click Testing, Visualization

Study Habits Diary Study

screenshot of a Qualtrics survey in progress
Surveys, Interviews

Citation Builder

Screenshot of UNC Libraries' Citation Builder
Surveys, Interviews, Observational Testing

UNC Libraries’ Mobile Catalog

Screenshot of an item in the mobile catalog
Surveys, Software Development