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Friday, December 24th 2004

I think I’ve finally got the site looking how I want it. So welcome! Sit down, make yourself at home. It’s Christmas Eve, so I don’t have much time to write. Comments and such on site design are appreciated.

Here’s an outline of what I want to cover here:

  • Technology as it impacts my life
  • Developments in the Library Science field
  • Life in Pittsburgh
  • Life in Rochester (when I’m there anyway)
  • Brief reviews on what I’ve seen/read/played/listened to recently
  • Other assorted ramblings

If you’re only really interested in one of these topics, feel free to jump straight to a category on the right. Pickings might be sparse until I populate the site with a few more entries though.

For more info on the site itself (including the name), check out the “Why ‘Hidden Peanuts’?” link in the sidebar.

A link to my previous home on the internet is also available. I might move a few recent entries from it over here just to fill up some space.

One final note:
I will strive at all times to keep the tone here on a level everyone can understand. I’m a techie, yes. But I’m more interested in how things affect our lives than the technicalities of the newest hot scripting language.

Welcome aboard, and enjoy the ride.

24. December 2004 by Chad Haefele
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