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I was talking to my Dad today and he’s interested in adding a DVR to his entertainment system, but doesn’t want to pay a subscription fee to Time Warner or Tivo or something similar.

Does anybody know anything about stand-alone options that have no monthly fee? I know there’s media center PCs and such, but that’d be overkill (and too expensive). And of course you can always build your own, but that’s a bit beyond my abilities.

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  1. I have tried media center PCs and cable co’s DVRs but they just don’t provide a usable experience in the living room. Tivo is the way to go for now atleast.

    If he doesn’t like to pay monthly Tivo fee, there is an option to pay $299 valid for the lifetime of the product. There is even a $100 rebate on that fee if you buy a Tivo box.

    So his net payment would be $149 + $299 – $100 = $350.

    Not bad for the amount of time he will save.

  2. Thanks for the tip, much appreciated. How does Tivo get its show information? Does it need an internet connection?