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Arrested Development – R.I.P

Word on the street is that Arrested Development is cancelled. David Cross was apparently on one of the evening talk shows last night and said that production stopped yesterday. I’d expect an official announcement soon.

What’s the show getting replaced with? American Dad, which had possibly the least funny pilot episode I’ve ever seen. Fox is jumping on its bandwagon just because ratings for it were good. News Flash: Any show right after the super bowl is going to have huge ratings. Not every show has the quality to back it up.

I suppose I should have expected this, every show I watch gets cancelled. Both Enterprise and Arrested Development in the last week. At least AD got more than one season I suppose, and the critical acclaim is worth something.

I’m so angry about this decision that I can’t even get up the energy to properly rant about it.

edit: is an official Fox site with a petition to keep the show!

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  1. OH MY GOD!!!! I don’t pay much attention to TV news and I almost exclusive watch the Food Network but I love this show and I am just going to cry that it is going to end.

    P.S. Hi Chaddelles!!

  2. A Network that can’t even recognize a great show! COME ON!

  3. Yeah I guess technically the episode order is just cut, it’s not actually cancelled yet, but I’d put money down that we won’t see it in the fall.


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