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  1. that is just wrong. wrong wrong wrong.

  2. Yeah, that’s frustrating. The greatness of all the sonic games is that they didn’t need to be dark or extremely violent to be good. They just had superb gameplay and were a ton of fun. Sonic with a gun doesn’t really do anything for me.

    Speaking of X-Treme, XM just added a station called Extreme Talk Radio. I’ve been too afraid to turn it on. I’m afraid it’s a forum for kooks like Alex Jones to rant about how the end of the world is going to happen tomorrow, or the day after tomorrow, or the day after the day after tomorrow.

  3. Yep I was never a big Sega player back in the day, but this is still sad and disturbing.

    And Evan let me know if venture into that station.

  4. oh sega was all we had. i am queen of sonic. QUEEN!!!!