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Them: 1 Me: 0

Score one for the Secret Service. As I should have guessed by their name, they are secretive. I was camping out where the Secret Service had showed up, hoping to catch a glimpse of the President as he entered. A couple others were there doing the same thing. Finally a few minutes ago I see the full motorcade pull into the drop-off area… and keep going.

They sped through it and continued on. The Secret Service jumped into their unmarked large vans and followed. 10 seconds previous to this, about 20 reporters and camerapeople sprinted by, trying to catch the limo. Funny stuff really, but pretty disappointing. Must have whisked Bush in a side door or something. Ah well, now I can get back to posting pictures.

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  1. Does sound like fun. We had a former Secret Service agent come speak to our security engineering class a couple of weeks ago. Pretty interesting stuff.

    Last summer I managed to see the President on two occasions: once when he made a fundraising stop in Atlanta, I went to the Air Force base to watch Air Force One take off. That was incredible, very impressive, although all I saw of the President was a tiny figure walking up the steps into the plane. The second time was at a campaign rally in Pittsburgh, so I actually got to see him fairly close up and heard an entire speech. Maybe I’ll post pictures sometime.