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iPod reviewed

As I mentioned briefly before, I got an iPod as an early birthday gift! Its a standard 20GB model, no fancy photo features or anything which I probably don’t need anyway. And I love it!

I’m primarily amazed at the usability of the interface. Everything I want to do with the unit is right where I expect it to be, even if I’ve never used the feature before. Putting music on it via iTunes is a breeze as well. Much simpler than I expected it to be, given my past experience with using proprietary software to transfer files.

I also got an FM transmitter/charger for the iPod, and utilized it to great effect on my 5 hour return trip to Pittsburgh yesterday. Much more powerful and better sound quality than my previous attempts at such devices.

One thing I haven’t figured out so far: is there a way to delete songs from my computer, but leave them on the iPod? My main laptop hard drive is only slightly larger than the iPod’s, so if I ever reach the 20GB mark of music it would get quite cramped in here for other software.

I really only have two complaints.
First: the mirrored finish on the back of the iPod is far too easy to scratch and mar. The unit looks so nice aesthetically that the accidental marks are really a shame.
Second: the included headphones (despite being a status symbol) rather hurt my ears while resting in place for more than a few minutes. That problem was easily fixed with a replacement pair, but I’m surprised Apple hasn’t redesigned the earbuds since I’ve heard others complain as well.

Now I’m off to dig up the blog posts I saw a couple weeks back about various things to do with your iPod!

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  1. Apple does not make it easy to have music on your iPod and not on your computer. The only way you can do it is if you disable automatic updating to the iPod from iTunes, and tell it to only update checked songs. If you have automatic updating turned on, and your iPod sees a song in it’s library that’s no longer on the computer, it will delete it. The other option, which I favor, involves an external hard drive (USB-connected) dedicated solely to music. You can get 80 GB for $99 is you know where to look. Start at Best Buy. Look at Maxtor. Good luck! 🙂


  2. hey, I have an iPod shuffle and I am really frustrated. Because every time I hook up my iPod to the computer it erases the songs that are not on the library. It says to solve this problem you have to turn off automatic update default setting. But I can not find that hech option. Please help me.