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Things I learned at ALA 2005

By no means complete, and in no particular order.

1. I need luggage with wheels. Lugging my duffel bag around Chicago was not fun.

2. Most vendors are very friendly people, even when talking to students with no purchasing power

3. Don’t try to do everything. You’ll fail.

4. Decent public transportation in a city is a Godsend

5. Limit your swag acquisitions. There’s only so much you can carry.

6. Vendors who give out bags for carrying other vendors’ swag are the most popular.

7. Librarians are very friendly, personable people (OK so that one isn’t new). I had great conversations with random people on the shuttle buses.

8. Citizens of Chicago are very friendly and easygoing. Even towards obvious tourists.

9. My ideal job would pay for me to go to Internet Librarian 2005.

10. Shuttles to special events need clear markings.

11. A conference center with free wi-fi would be worth its weight in gold.