Unlocking Games

I previously co-hosted the Unlocking Games podcast.

A show about social impact games and how they provide a new way to explain the things you care about. In each episode, Brandon Carper and I looked at a game – what was it trying to accomplish? Did it work? Through the lenses of UX and training design, we poked and prodded.

The original site is no longer active, but the episodes live on. They’re available in the archives, or see the title list below.

Episode 1 – Life Is Strange
Episode 2 – Gone Home
Episode 3 – Experiential Learning and Text-Based Training in Mr Robot: Exfiltration
Episode 4 – Cooperative Learning Principles in Pandemic Legacy
Episode 5 – Onboarding in Super Mario Maker
Episode 6 – Communication Training via Witness
Episode 7 – Instructional Design in Papers, Please
Episode 8 – User Experience in Papers, Please
Episode 9 – Incentives and Emotional Impact in Papers, Please
Episode 10 – Managing Expectations for No Man’s Sky
Episode 11 – Metagaming and Knowledge Management
Episode 12 – User Testing and Moral Choices in the Bioshock Series
Episode 13 – Discovery Learning in The Vanishing of Ethan Carter
Episode 14 – Adventure Games and Discovery Learning Gone Crazy
Episode 15 – Synthesizing and Salvaging Discovery Learning
Episode 16 – Accessibility is Better for Everyone
Episode 17 – The Power of Not Believing in Yourself – Part 1 (Self-efficacy and Dark Souls)
Episode 18 – The Power of Not Believing in Yourself: Part 2 (Self-efficacy and Bloodborne)
Episode 19 – Boom, Headshot!
Episode 20 – Putting Console Controllers on Your Resume
Episode 21 – Agents and Avatars in Final Fantasy XV
Episode 22 – Freezing Rain and Dysentery on the Voter Suppression Trail
Episode 23 – Naked in the Desert on the Migrant Trail
Episode 24 – Getting Punched by Interesting People in This War of Mine
Episode 25 – We Wanted to Be Chicago
Episode 26 – Being Big Brother in Orwell