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Win an Anathem shirt

I was recently contacted by someone from Wiredset, a marketing company working on promotion of Anathem. They very generously offered to send me a limited edition Anathem shirt to give away in a contest of some sort. So, I’ll keep it simple. What’s your favorite of the Orth or Fluccish words created by Neal Stephenson for Anathem? I’m a big fan of ‘speelycaptor’, which is roughly comparable to ‘video camera’ in English. There’s a sense of whimsy to the word that catches me. Leave your answer in a comment, and I’ll enter you into a random drawing. Have your comment in by midnight this Friday night (9/18), and I’ll do the drawing on Saturday. Be sure to enter your e-mail address! One per person, please.

Here’s what the shirt looks like:
front of shirt
back of shirt
detail of front

(note: I don’t have the shirt in my possession yet, but will send it out ASAP once I receive it.)

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  1. Oooh, nice contest! I think mine is a toss up between Kefedokhles and Hypotrochian Transquaestiation. Mostly because they both just look really funny when you first encounter them.

    Also, Panjandrum is a great word for it’s definition. I think I might try and adopt that into my speech, especially given the election coming up.

  2. I liked the new sense of plane as ‘argumentatively demolish’ and think it might have crossover potential. I also appreciated monyefeek (though to explain it is too full of spoilers)

  3. As a night owl, I like the term “lucub”. I don’t know if this is one of the acceptable words, but I just found it browsing the glossary.


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