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Library Thrash Metal?

Also from class tonight:

BlöödHag (pronounced bludhaag) is a hardcore metal band that almost exclusively plays at libraries. Their songs are about fantasy and sci-fi authors, and during the show they throw books into the crowd.

Can you think of any other hardcore bands with a reading list on their site and links to the ALA and
I didn’t think so.

Not even my type of music really, but I’d go see the band given a chance. My prof claims they’re actually quite affordable for a public library as well, being somewhere in the neighborhood of $300.

Anyone have any experience with these guys live?

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  1. How cool is that? Not seen them… but I do remember Stryper (in the mid-80’s) tossed bibles to the rowd at their shows…

    Personally, I wouldn’t want to get beaned by a hardback 🙂