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Netflix in Huntsville

This is the post I wish I could have found when debating whether or not to sign up for Netflix.

Most movies ship from Birmingham (roughly 100 miles away), and are here the next day (once in a while that slips to two days). Returning a movie almost always takes two days. So: If I mail a movie back on Monday, Netflix will receive it on Wednesday. A new movie ships that same day, and I have it on Thursday. Three day turnaround time, which is much better than I expected. Huntsville is, after all, not exactly a major metropolis.

Before signing up for Netflix, I tried Blockbuster’s rental by mail service. I was not impressed at all. Movies shipped all the way from Louisville, which is 300 miles and two states away! Mailing time was routinely 3-4 days on each side of the trip. It could take a full week to get a new DVD after sending one back. The monthly coupons for free in-store rentals were nice, but not enough to win me over.

Another plus Netflix has over Blockbuster is the friends page. I can see what my friends have checked out, how they’ve rated movies, and even suggest movies to them! If you’d like to add me to yours, my e-mail address is: Chad.Haefele at gmail.