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DOPA – Write your Senator

Techcrunch summarizes DOPA in more detail.

DOPA (Deleting Online Predators Act – House Resolution 5319) passed the House today. Not only did it pass, but it passed by a 410-15 margin.

This act would require all libraries and schools to block myspace and any other site that:

-Is offered by a commercial entity
-Permits registered users to create an on-line profile that includes detailed personal information
-Permits registered users to create an on-line journal and share such a journal with other users
-Elicits highly-personalized information from users
-Enables communication among users.

Depending on how you read that list, it could even indicate blocking sites like Amazon or Ebay.

I rarely get very political, but please call or write your Senator before the Senate goes to vote. You can find contact information for them here.

Also, Jessamyn points to a whole bunch of other commentaries, all better written and reasoned than I could do.