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Our new library website!

UAH’s new library web site is live!

We’re also blogging!

This is the culmination of many months of work, and I’m quite happy with the results. I should mention that we’d still be slogging away if it weren’t for Daniel, our amazing student worker from the communication arts (graphic design) department. But a lot of people had input, it was a real team effort.

The site didn’t get a complete overhaul – our link structure is probably 99% the same as it was. Secondary pages on the site are untouched except for a nice new banner at the top which will let us highlight upcoming events, and will be redone more completely as time goes on. But our new front page design, in addition to looking more modern, is flexible in both design and content. Our old design was functional, but adding or removing anything from the page tended to make the design explode. Very hard and frustrating to work with. And with the addition of dropdown menus, we’ve been able to bring a lot of deeper pages’ links to the surface without destroying the menu items people are familiar with from the old design.

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  1. Word, yo. You don’t give yourself enough credit. We’d be nowhere without your Flash Hax0rz. I’m quite proud of it myself. We can pretty much go anywhere we need to with it and it will look just about the same.

  2. Nice! I just launched our first library blog yesterday. Unfortunately, I went with a ready-made template from Typepad, since the blog is about our imminent remodeling project. And, since we don’t have anyone with graphics chops on staff. But, yours is great! One question/comment: I assume the “search” box is for the blog, not the library. You might want to make that more clear. At first, I thought…oh, cool, a link to the catalog…but figured it out pretty quickly. I just felt a little…cheated. Or, maybe college students are more savvy than the typical library user?

  3. Thanks! And good thought on the search box, I’ll see about changing that label.

    As for the template, most of the blog’s design work was done with a theme I found via the WordPress theme browser:

    Then I tacked the banner on the top, played with the background color, and reorganized the sidebar a bit. So it really is a ready-made template too, just with a few tweaks. Took me a lot less time than building from scratch.