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Librarians vs. Zombies – the eternal struggle

Horror author David Wellington built a name for himself by publishing his novels online, serialized one chapter at a time. He grew a massive fan following, and a number of his books are now printed traditionally as a result. His newest novel, Plague Zone, takes a more scientific approach (if there is such a thing) to a zombie story. I’m a bit behind on it, still catching up.

But the main reason I’m pointing it out is that Tim, the main character, is a librarian. A couple of flashback chapters even take place at ALA’s 2005 annual conference in Chicago (which I was at, so I get a kick out of it), and at one point Tim uses his super-librarian knowledge of how RFID systems work to escape from a military camp. I’m anxious to see if any more of his professional skills come in handy – maybe zombies could use a little reader’s advisory now and then?

According to Wikipedia, Wellington is currently working on a degree in library science. “Write what you know”, indeed.

Here’s chapter 1. Enjoy!