Games4Learning: Alternate Reality Games

Wednesday, October 8th 2008

Last Friday I gave a presentation as part of UNC’s wonderful Games4Learning initiative on Alternate Reality Games (ARGs). I think these games have a huge potential to be used as a teaching tool for both social issues and information literacy. I’ll be writing more about this topic in coming days & weeks, but for now here’s my slides:

They may not entirely make sense without my narration, but I wanted to get them linked. I’ll try to give some context in upcoming posts.

08. October 2008 by Chad Haefele
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  1. Hey Chad…can you throw these up on Slideshare? I’d love to be able to embed them.

  2. Oh, oops! They’ve been on slideshare all along, just forgot to link them…

    Slide 12 doesn’t animate on Slideshare, unfortunately.

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