Episode 10: Managing Expectations for No Man’s Sky

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Unlocking Games
Episode 10: Managing Expectations for No Man's Sky

Box art for No Man's Sky. A lone figure walks across an alien world with animals and spaceships visible.We made it to episode 10! Double digits!

Released in August, No Man’s Sky was one of the most hyped new games of 2016. Promotional materials and press coverage promised 18 quintillion planets to fly your spaceship to, and innumerable things to do on and around each destination.

Gamers got those 18 quintillion planets on launch day, but not much else. No Man’s Sky is a perfect case study in why you shouldn’t inflate expectations about a product or service, but also a lesson in how not to handle the aftermath of a problematic debut. We talk about what Hello Games could have done differently and why it’s crucial to set appropriate expectations for any new product or service.

No Man’s Sky is available for PS4 and PC.

We recorded this episode at the end of September. As of this post, Hello Games is still silent about updates to No Man’s Sky and has not responded to any of the game’s criticism.

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