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Top 10 multiplayer video game countdown: #9

tekkenMy ninth favorite multiplayer video game of all time:
Tekken 3 (PS1)

Tekken 3 is one of the few fighting games I’ve ever played to any great extent. Its simple, and playable without extensive knowledge of 27-button combo attacks. Those attacks are there if you desire to learn them, but are not essential to victory. The pace of battles is quick, so a number of players can be rotated in and out in a short block of time.

Meanwhile, crazy characters like the diminutive dinosaur Gon, space ninja Yoshimitsu and his buddy the drunken doc keep you coming back and goofing around. However, prepare to be frustrated when your buddy masters the ‘knee to the groin’ move belonging to one of the female fighters.

For an added bonus, play the game on DDR pads. Your ‘dance’ moves translate into fighting moves on the screen. After a few minutes of hilarity, 99% of games in this fashion devolve into a real shoving match as you try to push your opponent off their dance pad and thus ensure victory.