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I’ve been playing with Synchroedit a bunch today. This is a collaborative ‘net-based word processing tool. Theoretically multiple people can work on a document at the same time, in real-time. I say theoretically because I can’t figure out how to invite anybody else to work on my document with me…

Anyone have better luck than I? An application like this would have been very handy for the dreaded “write this essay with a partner or group” homework questions in grad school.

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  1. I haven’t run into those before. Thanks, I’ll check them out!

  2. Right now the SynchroEdit sandbox does not support multiple documents — the sandbox is just a place to play. However, if you want to request a couple of alpha accounts to try some things out in the sandbox, or ask each of your collegues to request an alpha account, you are welcome to.

    Also, remember that the goal of SynchroEdit is be an open source tool that others can use to add synchronous editing capabilities to their software. It isn’t really a “service” that is trying to compete with JotLive, Writely or Writeboard — in fact, someday some of those services may find it useful to integrate SynchroEdit with their products. Our sandbox is just to demo the technology.


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