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Star Wars III – Revenge of the Leaked Images


The Psychotic has a whole bunch of hi-res Star Wars episode III images up. Dunno how long it’ll last, cause I’m pretty sure these aren’t supposed to be released. I like the looks of them; there’s nothing spoilerish here, just character shots – mostly of characters with lightsabers. Vader, Anakin, Yoda, etc. A few shots of Clone Troopers and two of our favorite droids as well. The site is getting hammered at the moment, so I’m hosting two that I really like:

Vader in motion
General Grievous

Grievous is my desktop at the moment.

The Vader pics on the site intrigue me in particular. Do we get to see him doing his thing: running around, slaying Jedi and just being the classic villain we know he is? If so, that’ll go a long way towards making the movie good.

Episode I was very disappointing.
Episode II was a good movie, if you ignore the romantic plot and Hayden Christensen’s ‘acting’.
Episode III has much potential.

My fingers are crossed.

And in related news, there’s going to be more Clone Wars shorts!