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Method Studios

Ever see a commercial on TV that really just caught your eye? Beyond what it was selling, one that had a really interesting sense of design? Chances are pretty decent the visual effects were done by Method Studios.

They’ve done a wide assortment of work: The ‘Pictures of You’ HP campaign, the Mountain Dew Spy vs Spy ads, worked on Pirates of the Caribbean, and apparently even created the now-familiar Xbox logo. Lots of big name music videos, too. The Pictures of You ads still fascinate me every time they come on.

Lots of bits and pieces of their best stuff is compiled into this “CGI reel”. The commercials linked above and a huge number of others can all be viewed in the portfolio section of Method’s site.

From an artistic and technical standpoint, some of this stuff is among the best I’ve seen.

note: I think the links to specific movies will not be stable, the site seems to change them hourly to prevent just this kind of linking. But you can still find them yourself from the main site.