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The ‘ol Roundup linked to me today (thanks by the way!) as a new blog he found that comments on gaming from time to time. Made me realize that its been far too long since I have. So I present a roundup of what I’ve been playing recently. Or more accurate, what’s been taking time away from Halo 2 online play.

KOTOR II has sucked up 95% of my gaming time. Amazing game, though I do admit to being a bit disappointed in the difficulty level of gameplay. The first couple planets are somewhat difficult, but after that it levels off quick. I think because you can play the planets in any order, the difficulty level of them all is set low. Each planet has to be beatable should you go to it first and unexperienced. Last night I blazed through Korriban in maybe half an hour. The fights should have been much harder. Or maybe I just spend too much time leveling up, I dunno. But the plot is A+ and makes up for any shortcomings. I also appreciate some of the finer details of play; gaining influence and converting your party members to Jedi has a certain satisfaction to it.

Burnout 3: Takedown was a fun rental last weekend. I normally hate racing games. I end up trying to cause the biggest wipeouts possible rather than complete the races. Finally, someone made a game where that’s the main objective! Burnout 3 is one of the most addicting games I’ve played in a while, particularly crash mode (wherein you try to cause the biggest dollar amount of damage possible in an intersection). I just gotta remember to drive a little easier if I go out right after playing… The online component was a mess though. I tried it once and after failing to join games 6 times in a row, and getting booted from one that finally worked, I gave up. Really makes me appreciate Halo 2’s implementation of Xbox Live.

Katamari Damacy remains top on my list of games I’d like to play. If only I had a PS2… I might buy it anyway just to get a copy before it disappears.