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Halo 2 Shenanigans

I’ve posted before about the problem of cheaters on Xbox Live, particularly in Halo 2 since that’s the only game I play online.

Now, a lighter story to balance things out.

Some of the guys I game with occasionally decide to mess with people online. Thankfully, they do it in a hilarious (instead of annoying/cheating) fashion. Just follow these simple steps:

1. Get 7 people in a party.
2. Everyone change their armor color to pink, and their icon to the bright red lips.
3. Join a matchmade 8 player game, ensuring that one random poor sap will get stuck with the 7 of you.
4. Play the Benny Hill theme song over the headset so everyone can hear it.
5. Run around crazily in the game making 3 Stooges-esque noises, or in rare cases pulling off coordinated dance numbers.
6. At some point actually play the game.
7. Sit back and enjoy the stunned comments from player #8.