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Call of Duty: Finest Hour

I rented Call of Duty: Finest Hour over the weekend.

Great fun, but once again really only worth a rental.

The single player game has amazingly detailed and vast levels. I’ve played a bunch of World War II first person shooters, and this is the first that (at points at least) made me feel like I’m in the trenches, like I can understand a small portion of being in that situation. This is particularly true in the first few levels in the game, defending Stalingrad.

I haven’t beaten the American portion of the campaign yet, but the Russian missions took me just a few hours, and the British missions even less. I suppose its the quality/quantity trade-off in effect once again.

I also have yet to give the Xbox Live portion a whirl, but I doubt I have the skills to enjoy it very much.

This game was really the last on my Xbox ‘to play’ list, so I’ll probably be taking some time off from anything new for the forseeable future.