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Computers in Libraries 2k5 redux

I mentioned before my interest in going to the Computers in Libraries conference next month in DC. Funding the journey was the issue. Well now my parents have generously offered to pay the travel expenses, which brings the trip into the realm of possibility!

Next step: figuring out if any sort of student discount exists, and making sure I wouldn’t miss anything too important in classes. Unfortunately it misses spring break by a week.

Crossing my fingers! The events/speakers sound right up my alley.

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  1. Hi,

    Last year, I was still an LIS student, and I emailed the CIL conference folks and asked if they needed any student volunteers in exchange for free registration. Surprisingly, they said yes!! They don’t really advertise this. I basically was a room monitor (you do a head count at the beginning and end of the end of the meeting sessions. I got to pick which tracks I wanted to “monitor” and it really worked out well. I didn’t have to work the conference the entire time so it was perfect. And you get a real badge, a copy of the proceedings and the bag. It’s a great practioner-oriented conference, great for networking (especially if you’re still a student.) I’m looking forward to attending this year. I highly encourage you to email whoever’s managing registration and ask. They still probably need volunteers. Good luck!!

  2. Oh thanks for the tip! I’ve already registered at the (50% off) student rate, but it can’t hurt to see if I can get that refunded.