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Flickr Problm

My titles are so witty.

Apparently Flickr‘s free accounts have a limit of 100 photos. You can keep adding more above that, but then earlier ones get pushed to unviewable status. I just discovered this stipulation now.

This obviously has implications for my 2005: A Year (almost) In Pictures project.

I suppose I could break down and pay for an account, but I’d really rather not. $41.77 for just one year of service is a lot of money. I like flickr enough that I’d pay it as a one-time fee, but paying a yearly fee of that magnitude for a service still in beta is beyond my means at the moment.

Maybe I’ll just use multiple flickr accounts. Simple, but more annoying.

In other news, I’ve been struggling with new content recently. So I’m gonna start up some more projects. My year in photos project has kept me going; I think I just need to set goals for myself like that. Stay Tuned.