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Perplex City

Formerly known as Project Syzygy, the more recently dubbed Perplex City ARG is starting up soon.

What is an ARG you ask? Once wikipedia recovers from its power failure you can read all about it here.

Or just ask me about it. They’re tons of fun, trust me – and even better they’re free. Puzzles and thinking and plots… oh my! Gaming for the 21st century.

And Perplex City looks to be a major game with a major budget. The game runners (or PMs, for Puppet Masters, as we call them) are placing ads in major newspapers around the world to kick things off. Last week one was in USA Today, and tomorrow the New York Sun should be hit.

The plot will apparently revolve around “the cube” which the Perplex City Academy wants to recover. There’s even a possibility of a cash reward at the end of the game.

I haven’t managed to find a decent ARG to play since I Love Bees ended, so here’s hoping. If you’re interested in joining me on the journey, here’s a primer of what’s happened so far. Or of course I’d be willing to catch you up.

Oh and the main game site so far is Click on the ‘Sente’ signature for our first video clue.