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Upgrade or downgrade?

WordPress 1.5 is officially out as of recently. I’m currently running WordPress 1.2 here. I’d like to upgrade, but am terrified of the hassle it might require to get all my customizations up and running again.

Has anybody else made the upgrade successfully? How much of a hassle was it?

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  1. I upgraded last week sometime. It was painless. The new theming system is great, very modular and easy to use. I can’t say much about plugin upgrading, though, since I don’t really use any on my site.

    One really handy feature is a new spam-control technique whereby the first comment from a particular user (based on username & e-mail address, I presume) gets held in the moderation queue regardless of any spam test matches. After you’ve approved that user the first time, they then get to post without moderation from then on. So it’s a good way to whitelist people without a lot of hassle.

  2. I didn’t upgrade my personal site yet, but I built my new art site on WP 1.5. It’s a dramatic improvement. There’s a page-building tool that makes permanent posts easy. There’s a sophisticated theme manager, and many good themes are ready already.

    Upgrade. You’ll feel good.