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Are cheat codes included?

Kotaku links to a story today about video games in libraries.

The article in question makes for really interesting reading. Librarian and gaming writer John Scalzo walks through the process of developing a collection for a whole new type of media holdings. I admit that while some of the qualifications given to him for selection seem reasonable (no M-rated games), but others (A ban on Simpsons games) seem rather random.

The process for ordering the games seems to have been a larger problem than ‘selling’ the idea to adminstrative types in the first place. Sounds like some streamlining should be in order.

I would be very interested in seeing how the collection fares a few months from now. In my library experience, DVDs go mere weeks before having skip-causing scratches. PS2 games, theoretically handled by more children, will no doubt be worse. Does the library have any process for monitoring disc condition in effect?