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CIL2005: Day 1

That’s going on here tonight. Different conference entirely though 🙂

I’m sitting in the lobby of the Hilton now using the free wireless access. Security is getting really tight as I type, a clerk just shut all the shades on all the windows for some reason. I also feel out of place in my jeans, everyone else is dressed accordingly for the $2500 dinner… Not sure when Bush is set to arrive (or even at what entrance), but it’d be great to snap a picture. I may not have press credentials like Michael Stevens, but I’ll do what I can 🙂

I spent the afternoon wandering the Mall area, since I’m not signed up for any pre-conference workshops. I’ll put the pictures up soon. I debated not using the CIL2005 tag for them since they’re not specifically conference related, but I figure I’m here for the event so I might as well use it. I’ll edit the post when I have them uploaded to Flickr.

I’m gonna spend tonight finalizing my event choices, and try to meet up with Michael (and other such LIS bloggers) at some point.

Stay tuned.