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Up to the challenge?

UPDATE: I’ve signed up solo, but can still take on a partner right up to the day before the event. Drop me a line if interested.

Thanks to the calendar in this month’s issue of Wired, I was introduced to the idea of Urban Challenge Online.

In summary, its Googling for dollars. Entry is $5 for a one or two person team. You get 12 clues and related puzzles to solve using online sources only. The first 10 to do so get a trip to NYC to compete for a million bucks.

I don’t have high hopes of being in the 10, but I’m pretty capable with Google and have an insane amount of random trivia packed away in my giant head. I managed to solve all three of the sample questions on the site in a few minutes. The second one, involving where Fahrenheit and Celsius are the same, I actually knew off the top of my head.

So anyway, I’m looking for a partner!

I’ll enter myself at the end of the day tomorrow (the 22nd) if nobody else is interested. I’ll even cover the $5! The event takes place on Sunday, April 10th, at 8pm EST. My apartment has ample wireless connections if you wanted to relocate and join me. If you don’t live nearby and don’t want to travel, we could probably even coordinate over Skype. (and how cool would that be?)