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You might remember that I was very excited about playing Urban Challenge Online this spring.

Tonight I received an e-mail stating that the event has been cancelled! My registration fee will be refunded. No explanation as to why, and the site for the event no longer exists. Very odd.

I’m disappointed really – I probably wouldn’t have won but the format of the challenge is something I’m naturally good at.

Regular updates will resume soon, the semester is almost done!

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  1. I got the same email and was mystified by the lack of explanation and sudden closure of the website. Not one iota of information left anywhere. A Google search doesn’t turn up much either, though it did lead me here. I’m beginning to wonder if we weren’t just ripped off…

    Anxiously awaiting my five bucks back!

  2. I’m wondering if there weren’t enough registrants to cover the prizes. That would explain the delay given to the event at first, hoping more people would sign up.