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Movie Trailer Expo

There’s been a number of cool movie trailer hitting the net recently. As is my duty, I’m passing them on:

Serenity – Most anticipated movie of the year for me, based off the prematurely cancelled TV series Firefly.

Batman Begins – My high hopes for this one continue.

Land of the Dead – I’m on a zombie kick recently for some reason, so this is perfect timing!

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  1. Haefeel!
    Long time no talk, give me an email or call sometime if you have the chance. I too am looking forward to batman begins. Bale’s performance in Equilibrium makes me think he can effectively pull off the role. Also, have you seen the trailer for a movie called “Crash”? It looks interesting.
    Keep holding down the fort in Western PA. Peace oot.

  2. Hey Brian, you really gotta settle on one name to use here so I don’t have to moderate all your comments 🙂

    Haven’t heard of Crash, I’ll go check it out.

  3. Oh Chad,
    You speak as if you expected me to know about this moderation-ism buisness. Silly friend, you know I’m as clueless about computers as you are about the true intentions of those gnomes in your apartment (who, by the way, have it out for you). I figured you would just be happy that I hadn’t corrupted or somehow completely destroyed your website. 😉
    I will attempt to use this name from here on in.
    Toodles and good luck with finals/projects.