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It’s about time

I love comic strips. In the internet age, I don’t even have to buy a newspaper to get to them. Mostly.

Until recently, Berkeley Breathed’s newest strip “Opus” was print only. And a lot of papers don’t even carry it. Breathed was the creator of the classic Bloom County and a couple other strips in the past, and the weekly Opus carries on the characters.

To make a long story short, the Washington Post now posts the strip every week!

Here it is.

Oddly, the strip is still not carried on any of the main syndicate web sites, like You can only find Opus on the Washington Post’s customized version of the UClick interface. They have dozens of other strips listed on the main UClick site, but Opus is the only one I’ve ever looked for and failed to find.

As a side note, the May 8th Opus deals humorously with e-books, check it out!