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Internet Librarian 2k5

Heh every time I get one conference trip ironed out another pops up that I want to get to.

Internet Librarian is the choice this time. It looks really exciting and interesting, plus I’ve heard nothing but praise for it from the LIS blogosphere.

With a little luck I’ll have a full time job lined up by then (after graduating in August), maybe even one that’d pay me to go!

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  1. i’m surprised your grad program doesn’t offer support. ours gives 2 $500 scholarships a semester for conferences and they try to give huge discounts to the ones held locally. it would be in the best interest of the program to encourage participation to get you involved before you’re working professionally, so you can explore what is out there.

  2. they do, but to a limited extent. People who are officers of various student associations are normally the ones who get it, too. Plus, I’ll be out of school anyway by the time this one rolls around.