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Chicago and things to come

edit: Thanks to Sharon for pointing out that I misformated the LITAblog link. Fixed now!

I’m done with class for a bit, and packing up things for my trip to ALA in Chicago!

During my last conference attendance, at Computers in Libraries back in March, I did a lot of coverage here of various sessions. This time around, things will be different.

My thoughts on and summaries of ALA sessions will be posted at the Public Library Association’s blog: In addition, I’ll be continuing to contribute to Library Journal’s Techblog.

Back at home on HiddenPeanuts, I’ll be posting more personal thoughts like my experiences in Chicago itself, pictures, anecdotes, etc. I’ll do my best to link to my posts elsewhere, too.

Expect nightly updates, as I don’t want to pay for wi-fi in the conference center.

In other ALA coverage, the Library & Information Technology Association promises many posts at Sharon, a classmate of mine, is posting so check it out!

Right now my big conundrum is whether or not to attend the ALA Scholarship Bash Saturday night at the Museum of Science and Industry. Opinions/recommendations are welcome.

Almost forgot, I’ll be spending Friday morning at the Wired NextFest! Its “education day”, so as a student I get in for free! Expect many pictures.