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Pictures etc.

Having a great time so far, and the conference hasn’t even started yet!

All the pictures I take are going here:

The ones of actual ALA events, premises and people are getting the ALA2005 Flickr tag. To see everyone else’s who is doing the same, go here:

Tomorrow’s (very tentative) schedule:

9-11:30: Education day at NextFest
12-1: Placement services / vendor browsing
1:30-4:30: OCLC Symposium – Mining the Long Tail: Libraries, Amazoogle and Infinite Availability (I won’t be able to catch the whole thing, but will get in at least the first hour)
3-5: Bloggers’ Roundtable
5-?: LJ Techblog meetup / socializing / ?

Oh, and I have decided to attend Saturday night’s Scholarship Bash at the Museum of Science & Industry. Bought my ticket today.