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ALA 2005 – Swag

When: Saturday, June 25 2005
Where: McCormick Place, Chicago IL
People told me that ALA was a great place to pick up free samples. I figured that meant a few keychains, pens, and maybe a flashlight or two. While those were indeed there, boy was I underestimating things!

Here’s everything I obtained just yesterday browsing the exhibits, pictured to the right:


A few more things were added this morning. Also, not everything shown there on the bed made the “final cut” into my duffel bag. So the net amount of stuff is probably about the same.

List of highlights:

Marvel Comics gave out the volume 1 collected edition of J. Michael Straczinski’s run on The Amazing Spider-Man. Normally that costs $15 in stores!

DC Comics had a number of single issues I grabbed, notably Identity Crisis #1 and Ex Machina #1.

OCLC reprinted Chris Anderson’s Wired article “The Long Tail” in glossy magazing-sized format to give out at his talk on the same subject.

Rochelle gave me a Blog Person button!

$31 in accumulated Bash Cash (see here for more explination)

Chronicles of Narnia movie poster

Also a number of things I picked up as gifts for other people, which I don’t want to list here in order to preserve the surprise.

And while not really swag, I need to mention the Alex Ross Batman ALA poster that I bought and had him sign. It didn’t survive the flight back here 100% intact, but is still great. You can see what it looks like in the attached image.

I have a theory that if one were really dedicated to swag hunting, the trip could pay for itself.