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Flickr Printing

Today Flickr added the ability to print photos! They can either be mailed to you, or picked up at any Target store. Prices start at $.15 for a 4″x6″ print, and go all the way up to $19.95 for a 20″x30″.

And starting out, everybody gets ten free prints! I’ve been interested in getting some of my photos printed recently, but frankly just haven’t gotten around to it. This convenience might push me over the edge.

There’s a couple of new Flickr partnerships too: Make photo books at QOOP, stamps at Zazzle, and backup DVDs with Englaze.

The photo book idea particularly intrigues me. Once I finish my year in photos project, I’d love to have it all bound together.

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  1. I know. I was so excited.

    I’m thinking of getting the whole wedding pics – prep, wedding, reception, partying – all made into a book. Just as a kind of an alternative album.

  2. This is a day I have long been waiting for! Now I have to force myself to choose only the best ones to print…otherwise this could get expensive really fast. 🙂

  3. Remind me to steal your “year in pictures” idea for 2006. Ok, good.