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Amazon Mechanical Turk

Now this is interesting.

This morning Amazon launched their “Mechanical Turk” service.

Essentially, they’ll pay you a few cents at a time to do menial tasks. Example tasks include picking the best picture of a business out of a list (I’d guess this is for the A9 yellow pages listings) for 3 cents, or writing an auto part description for $.75.

I did six tasks in a few minutes just now. Each task has to be approved by a mysterious process before you actually see payment. I’m interested in how long the process will take.

Nobody is going to get rich off of these tasks, but do a few at a time and you will eventually build up a nice chunk of Amazon change.

This could also be a boon for the businesses who need menial tasks done.

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  1. That could be interesting. Do they pay you in Monopoly Amazon dollarzz or real money?

  2. Supposedly you can hook up your checking account and get payments that way.

    I’m guessing the tasks have to be approved for payment manually, since none of mine have come through yet. Things might be better once the initial load levels off.

  3. I gave it a try this morning, selecting some of the street address photos as best I could. Looks like the site is having some issues right now, maybe all the traffic that is hitting it today, so I can’t tell if any of my hits have been approved (that sounds shady).