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Gaming in Libraries 2005 – Opening

When: Monday, December 05 2005 09:00 AM
Where: American Dental Association, Chicago
My Role: Attendee
I’m sitting near the back, surrounded by other bloggers. We’re huddled around 1 power strip. Kathryn Deiss is opening the symposium, calling it “ahead of the wave”. The back of the room is lined with video game systems, and just about every seat is full! Poster sessions on topics like video game piracy line the entrance hallway.

This is my first experiment with live blogging. Here we go!

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  1. Chad,

    Hope the flight was ok in spite of the weather. Sounds like you’re in for a treat at the conference. Where did you find the cool Advent Calendar? Linda

  2. Hi Linda! The flight went amazingly smooth. Traveling early Sunday morning, it was pretty empty onboard and in the airports.

    I really can’t remember where the calendar came from – I’ve had it for a number of years. Somewhere around Rochester, no doubt.