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Review: Private Wars, by Greg Rucka

Product Image: Private Wars
My rating: 3 out of 5

Just a brief review this time, but I liked Private Wars. Greg Rucka continues the story of British spy Tara Chace, in her second novel. The character originated in the Queen & Country series of graphic novels, so there’s more backstory out there than you might think at first.

Rucka loves his politics, there’s no doubt. This time around Chace gets involved in the affairs of Uzbekistan, particularly the ascension of a new President. I learned a lot about Uzbekistan in the process, but have to question how much is true and what is made up for the novel. If there was an afterword or some kind of notice establishing this, I’d be much happier for some reason.

Worth a read, but if you’re new to Tara Chace I’d recommend starting at the beginning. You’d be a bit lost at the start of this book, and definitely wouldn’t appreciate some of the longer-running character relationships. Plus, the cast is very large. Having a visual connection to them from the comics is a big help.

I do knock a few points off for the abrupt ending. I’d appreciate a bit more of where each character ended up, but if the series continues that may be taken care of elsewhere.