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IE7 – Test Now!

Internet Explorer 7’s release could be sprung on us any day now. As part of creating browser tools at work, I’ve had it installed for a few weeks now and overall like what I see. There’s tabbed browsing, nice handling of RSS feeds, etc. I have a few complaints about changes to the interface (in particular the decision to hide the traditional File, Edit, etc menus). But I’m not writing a full review.

I mostly wanted to post as a reminder to test your sites in IE7 prior to the official release. Most sites display correctly, but much to my dismay I’ve discovered that my own does not. It looks fine in Firefox and IE6, but not IE7 for some reason. The css formatting of my header doesn’t seem to be applied correctly. Thankfully I have a bit of time to fix things before IE7 gets pushed to all XP users. But I have a feeling some web designers might be caught off guard. Download it here.

(I’m also annoyed that now I’ll have to develop web sites and test for three browsers for the forseeable future – Firefox, IE6 and IE7)