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200 miles down…


Today was a big deal for me: I hit 200 miles of cumulative running distance! The Nike+iPod pedometer kit has been a huge motivator for me, and takes all the annoyance out of stat tracking. I just sync the ipod with my computer after each run, and the stats are added!

I got the kit the day after Thanksgiving – just about seven months ago. An average of .96 miles per day, 25,595 calories burned, and I took 90 seconds off my overall average for a mile in the process – not too shabby. When I started, I set a goal to run 200 miles by my birthday. I met that objective with 29.5 hours to spare.

Prior to getting this kit, I was a sporadic runner at best. I couldn’t make it a half mile without wanting to keel over. Now I’m in the best shape of my life and routinely run over two miles at a go. Sometimes all you need is an upticking counter to follow.