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LibraryThing – catching up

I am way, way behind on this, but I’ve finally got my personal book collection up on LibraryThing:

I haven’t done much tagging of my books yet, but for now you can see which of them are autographed.

The biggest barrier that kept me from doing it for so long was the prospect of typing in the ISBN numbers off of so many books (and my collection is downright tiny compared to some). I solved this problem by buying a Cuecat USB barcode scanner directly from LibraryThing. With that in hand, the data entry took me well under half an hour.
The Cuecat itself has a somewhat interesting history, worth a read.

Next up I’ll probably put the Cuecat to use with All My Movies, but I’ll be looking for something similar that’s online first. One of the main points of listing all my movies is that I want to be able to send a list to people easily. Any suggestions? I’d also like something similar that can handle my individual comic book issues.