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Things I’ll miss about Huntsville


Off the top of my head, and by no means inclusive:

-My friends and co-workers
-Monte Sano and all the other local scenery and hiking
-The Space & Rocket Center / Space Camp
-Trips to Unclaimed Baggage
-Having Conan start at 11:30
-Having update with a new item at midnight
-Getting to the airport 20 minutes before a flight leaves and still making it
-I-565, the only highway I’ve ever seen built with some foresight – it has more lanes than it presently needs, but will probably need them in the future
-All the local BBQ places

Ok, so some of these are more about missing the central time zone than the specific geographical location. But I’ll still miss the place. I think it finally hit me today that I’m leaving in just over a week.

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  1. Chad,

    Just think – now you’ll have another place to visit, and won’t it be fun to plan those trips around delays at the Charlotte airport! Maybe you’ll add Auf Wiedersehen to your vocabulary like we did when we left Germany – not goodbye, but “see you again”. Best of luck at UNC Chapel Hill. Be sure someone introduces you to a “pig picking” – another great BBQ experience so I’ve heard. Linda