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Things I’ll miss about Huntsville


Off the top of my head, and by no means inclusive:

-My friends and co-workers
-Monte Sano and all the other local scenery and hiking
-The Space & Rocket Center / Space Camp
-Trips to Unclaimed Baggage
-Having Conan start at 11:30
-Having update with a new item at midnight
-Getting to the airport 20 minutes before a flight leaves and still making it
-I-565, the only highway I’ve ever seen built with some foresight – it has more lanes than it presently needs, but will probably need them in the future
-All the local BBQ places

Ok, so some of these are more about missing the central time zone than the specific geographical location. But I’ll still miss the place. I think it finally hit me today that I’m leaving in just over a week.