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We Like Stuff – Podcast launch

About two months ago, my friend Dave and I noticed that we have a lot of opinions. And, naturally, these opinions should be shared with the world. What better way to do this than a podcast?

We’ve spent time since then ironing out a number of technical kinks, and are finally at a place where we feel comfortable going public beyond a few friends who have provided very valuable feedback. We’re averaging an episode every two weeks or so, which I’m sort of impressed with myself about.

We settled on a generic title that won’t lock us into any one genre or format: We Like Stuff. Mostly we review things. Books, video games, movies, random tech stuff, etc. Whatever stuff we happen to be liking.

If you’d like to subscribe, the podcast’s RSS feed is here. Or our iTunes link (which doesn’t seem to have picked up the new episode yet, but should soon) is here.

I’m having a really good time doing this, and it feels great to be creating something. Extra special thanks go out to my co-conspirator Dave, whose audio editing and general Garageband wizardry has been indispensable.