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My Recent Webinars

florida library webinars logo - a bird and a computerThis year I’ve had a great opportunity to present a series of webinars for Florida Library Webinars. I love that they record all webinars and publish them freely online afterward! I’ve neglected posting links to mine here, so here’s a catching-up list:

I plan on doing at least a couple more webinars with them, including an introduction to Google Tag Manager in early February.

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  1. Hi Chad. I just watched your video “Building a Library Website in WordPress.” Thank you so much for all the great information. The one thing I was hoping you would address is how to build the actual catalog system. Is there a plug-in that UNC Chapel Hill uses for this?

  2. Thanks Don! Unfortunately our catalog is outside of WordPress – I don’t know a way to build one within WP. Our current catalog is built on Solr and Blacklight, which works quite well but requires a pretty hefty amount of tech overhead.