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A bit of Christmas loot…

Belated Merry Christmas!

I do this self-servingly. If I make clear my interests I’m more likely to attract like-minded readers. 🙂

Got some very nice gifts from some very nice people. Here’s a list of some that come to mind:

  • Looney Tunes Golden Collection v.2 DVD box set
  • Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II (Xbox)
  • Apollo 13
  • The Dave Barry 2005 Desk Calendar
  • Subscription renewal to Analog Science Fiction and Fact
  • Warm feather down blanket (stupid drafty Oakland apartment…)

Saw one side of the family today for the first time in ages. Grand fun all around. Tomorrow it’s off to the other side.
Probably will toss in a Christmas experience roundup entry tomorrow night.

I also received the Queen & Country novel “A Gentleman’s Game”, by Greg Rucka.
And a gift certificate to Dave & Busters! Perhaps the perfect gift 🙂

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  1. Okay, and I am dead fucking serious here, but I didn’t get the name of your website until I went to the “Why ‘Hidden Peanuts'” link. No kidding. Maybe its the fact that the clock is approaching 3am, or maybe its just that I’m insane, but the only thing I could think was “Hmm…hidden peanuts… that sounds like a catchy name”. I can assure you that brandon, chris, and myself had as much fun hiding them (again) as you have finding them (again). Amazingly, you had no idea what was going on when we did it. Carper was quite the master of deception up in the front, “Hey chad, let me try your sunglasses on (it was 11pm)…. Gee chad, I’ve never seen what you have in your glove compartment…” Jesse and Tiff were the providers, as their trip to the G. Eagle (that’s what the kids are calling it these days) to get some “stuff” was actually a peanut ammo run in disguise. Well played on all sides… but I digress. This website is officially the greatest thing ever. I think I shall name my first-born after this website.

  2. hey! i’m a link! i’m a link!!!!!

    i feel so special now. 🙂

  3. Awh, I’m one of your links. My anger has melted into a puddle of warm feelings towards you.

  4. i really liked Hannah’s phrase “drunk in the trunk.” hehehe