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Christmas at the Movies

According to this Post-Gazette article, there was a big melee on Christmas day at the Waterfront Loews theater, made up largely of teenagers. The theater was apparently “overrun” as the article says. And this isn’t a small theater either, I think they have at least 20 screens. Now they’re thinking about closing on Easter and future Christmases.

I remember in elementary school, I was good friends with a guy who was Jewish. He said his family always went to the movies on Christmas because they knew it would be empty. Apparently they (or at least this one) aren’t anymore. And I have to admit that the idea of spending Christmas evening at a movie theater does seem foreign to me, especially on my own as these kids seem to have been. As a family event maybe, but going by myself or with a couple friends just isn’t something I would have wanted to do at that age on Christmas.

Is this unusual, or am I just really out of touch with society? It hasn’t been that long since I was a teenager…